About Newgent Digital

About Newgent Digital

We are Newgent Digital

We are a branding agency established in Sweden during 2019. During that time, our team contained solely Swedish-speaking members. Since then, we've expanded into a fantastic bilingual team ready to assist nearly 24/7 thanks to our locations around the world.

Working with brands has always been a specialty and interest of ours; both the front- and back facing ends. There is still a story behind a brand, either good or bad. But someone has always decided to take a step in the direction to create that business. And that is what keeps the scene of brand development exciting in our view.

Seeing a business expand, both in terms of customers and employees, is a sweet scene. There is something immensely satisfying in becoming a successful brand that we'd love to see over and over again. If an idea is good, it will most likely have a chance in the market, all you need is time and dedication.

Meet the team


William H.


I love to learn new things and then sharing that knowledge effectively. I don't know what else to tell you to be honest.


Jack H.

Project Manager

Hello, how do you do? I'm Jack, and I love coffee. 🙂


James B.

Creative Director

Hey! My name is James, I'm a designer and animator tackling on a lot of cool projects. I love creating things that are meaningful and solves problems.